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Chingari GARI

Upcoming unlock

Chingari is India's fastest growing short form video app with millions of Daily Users. The app lets users create and share short form videos with the world. Everytime you create a video on Chingari, you get rewarded with Gari Tokens.

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TGE summary

Sale date on Republic 5 NOV 2021
Sale date on SolRazr 15 DEC 2021
IEO 18 JAN 2022
Tokens sold 26.02%
Circulating supply at TGE 4.50%
Market cap at TGE $18 000 000
FDV at listing $400 000 000
Total token supply 1 000 000 000

Vesting schedule


Distribution timeline

13 months left
next unlock 27.78%
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2022-01-18 15:00

Listing & first unlock

2023-01-18 15:00


2023-07-18 15:00

Round 1 on Republic

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